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About Us

We are the only Prostate Cancer Support Group in Malaysia. We have regional support groups in the various states.

What do we deliver?

1. Talks and Forum.

2. Discussions on the latest treatments for you. PCSM shall strive to bring the latest treatments in the world directly to you. 

 We deliver happiness to your world.

3. We care.

PCSM subgroups


Exercise Support Group
Scheduling exercises and other activities under the patronage of the Sports Medicine Department University Malaya Medical Centre


IT Support Group
Developing PCSM Website and PCSM Community Forum


Research Support Group.
Current Study. 

Nocturia Study Group


Corporate Support Groups
PCSM is supported by a myriad of corporations: National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM), Hospitals, Hospice Groups, Corporations and Advocates 

PCSM Organisation
Committee members 2022 - 2024
To meet your Expectations


Mr Wong Kuan Sing

Vice president

Mr Albert Liew You Moon

Hon Secretary

Mr Hui Yan Khoon

Asst Hon Secretary

Mr Albert Liew You Moon

Hon Treasurer

Mr Ho Wong Ying

Committee Members

Mr Danny Sim

Mr Peter Wong

Mr Bob Nyam

Mr Choo YK

Mr Chua Seng

Dr Rosli

Mr Bee Song Dim

Dr Joseph Ng

Mr Ravindran

Mr Tan Keng Hock

The dream team


Donate to a good cause. A Ringgit donated is a Ringgit well spent.

PCSM self funds all our activities

A donation contribution from you is most appreciated

To Donate

Please remit your donations to: 

Prostate Cancer Society Malaysia

MAYBANK ACCOUNT No. 512642620116

Thank you for your generosity.

Disclaimer: PCSM shall always strive for utmost diligence and care to deliver quality information and discussions. PCSM shall not be liable to anything untoward. Please consult your doctors for any medical attention and prescriptions.

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