Everyone want it , so why don't you buy it now ?

Abiraterone acetate.

PCSM is negotiating with Cipla who is manufacturing generic abiraterone for a special price to members from rm3000 to rm1500 per bottle of 120tabs of 250mg. This abiraterone is approved by KKM and is legally imported. And I believe may be claimable under medical insurance. 

We understand the current modus operandi of self importing abiraterone is cheaper, but it is not a long term solution to make legal abiraterone affordable to all prostate cancer survivors. 

The deal is conditional that we buy 15 to 30 bottles per month.

We need all abiraterone users to support us to make this deal a success, as we will nego with Cipla for other cancer drugs to be made affordable too in near future.


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